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We have worked with a number of artists, labels, and organisations, including:

Severino, Lil' Mark, Bump Music, S'Express, TR20, TILT, Spatial Awareness, Pro B Tech Records, Stinkahbell, Four40 Records, Rocstar Recordings, Boy George, Roland Faber, Visage, Mark Moore, DJ Pierre, Pink Lizard Music, Pablo, Dave Barbarossa, Cauldronated, FERAL is KINKY, RetroPhobia, Jay Robinson, Thylacine Sounds, Sam Buttery, Arling & Cameron, Fetch Records, IDC, 
Corsair Records, Squirt Records, Phaid, Loft Party Records, I Killed Kenny, Kay-E-Vee, Chocolate Fireguard Music, Assassination Records, Stripped Recordings, Spencer Tarring, Juicy M, Vous Records, Spatial Awareness, Shook, D1mma, Protohype Records, Sol Productions and Diane Charlemagne, Lazrjet, Mike Jolly & Ashley Benjamin, 9th Floor Recording, Royce Rolls, Terry Farley & Stretch Silvester, Afro Acid, Arcade Pony, Play Me Records, Kinky Roland, John Taylor, M.U.I.R, Deaf By Records, Punx Soundcheck, Hottwerk Records, DPPLGNGRS, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Jo, Sirkus Sirkuz, The Survivor, YouLoveHerCozShesDead, Blue Pearl, 2K Subs, & more...



What People Say About Us.

"I'd like to thank you for a job well done! You've done awesome work with the Detroit Grand Pubahs release" - DJ Pierre (AfroAcid Records)

"Hottwerk PR has been incredibly helpful in raising awareness about Twirl Records. The feedback is always prompt and they extend a helping hand above and beyond the job specified!" - Shaun J. Wright & Alinka (Twirl! Records)

"Used Hottwerk for a recent promotion and was thoroughly impressed with the reach these guys have. If you want your music heard by the right people, these guys know how it's done!" - Zoran (Bump Music)

"Hottwerk. Like it says on the label. HOT WORK. Very professional PR service, on point and punctual." - Lil' Mark

"Tony and Hottwerk PR always do a wicked job with all of the promo for Punx Soundcheck and Arcade Pony - always gets the music into the right peoples' ears!!" - John Taylor (Punx Soundcheck / Arcade Pony Records)

“We have found Hottwerk to be straightforward, well priced and easy to deal with. So far on radio & club promo for ‘Feels Like’, they have definitely delivered on their promise to 'get electronic music listened to.’" - Tris Taylor (Pink Lizard Music)

"Tony and the Hottwerk PR team really helped push our latest release out to the wider market. Their experience, expertise and knowledge of the industry helped get our music into the right hands, including some of the biggest DJ's and radio stations . The feedback and weekly reports ensured we knew what was happening and each stage. We couldn't be happier. Thanks!" - Rob Webb (LA Boxers / Loft Party Records)